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  • Outcry over death penalties upheld for Koh Tao murders

    Outcry from the international community over the death penalties upheld by the Supreme Court in Thailand for the Koh Tao murders. On Thursday the 29th of August 2019, the Supreme Court of Thailand handed down its decision to uphold the death penalties for Zaw [...]

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Kuraburi Learning Center (KLC) - a small Burmese migrant school with 80 children in Thailand with enthusiastic kids that want to learn and do so in an interactive way. Sometimes all the learning, the fun and the heat makes them want to nap for a few minutes, only to get recharged and go for another lesson.
They were so happy with a pair of new shoes and they never mind to help cleaning up the school after rough weather in the raining season.
They do need more support from people like you to keep the school running. Learning Centers like these completely run on donations. Without it, they would likely fall victim to child labour or stay at home unschooled, never breaking out of the family poverty cycle that has affected them for decades.
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2 weeks ago

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